BI Director v2.2 Release Note

Since today BI Director Release v2.2.0.0 is available in our download portal. The release contains substantial enhancements and bug fixes for the applications BI Compendium®, BI Inspector and BI Q. A new key feature is the integration of the BI Q reports into the BI Compendium and BI Inspector respectively.

Furthermore, this release includes a newly created BI Director Launcher. With this application, you can start all BI Director applications by a central component. You can link the file type .BIPROJ to this launcher and open .BIPROJ files by double clicking them in the Windows-Explorer with your preferred application.


We’d like to announce the following new features / bug-fixes in BI Q:

  • New Report (Beta) – BO Impact Analysis: This report checks, which of the selected InfoProviders or Queries (or Queries on selected InfoProviders) are used by BO Objects on a BO system. (This requires a BO Client Tool to be installed e.g. Analysis – Edition for Office)
  • New Report – DSO Where Used: Extended Where-Used list for DSOs, which finds references in e.g. transformation/programm/function module codings etc. Furthermore the report searches for usage as basis InfoProvider in Queries, usage in InfoSets etc.
  • New Report (Beta) – InfoObject Where Used: Extended Where-Used list for InfoObjects, checks InfoProviders, Transformations, Queries, Programms, Function Modules and Classes.
  • New Report (Beta) – Average Query Runtime: Determines average Query runtimes.
  • New Report (Beta) – Load state: Reads the most recent load state for InfoProviders.
  • New Report (Beta) – Query Variable Analysis: Allows for a flexible reading and filtering on query variables.
  • New Report (Beta) – Reporting Activity of User: Shows the number of query executions by certain users.
  • New Report (Beta) – Reporting Usage of InfoProvider: Shows the usage of InfoProviders in reporting.
  • New Report (Beta) – Top N Queries: Shows the most used queries.
  • New Report (Beta) – Top Query Users of InfoProvider: Shows the main users of queries on certain InfoProviders.
  • Feature – Report Inactive Objects: This report now supports additional object types.
  • Feature – Executive Summary: The Executive Summary of the reports now contains hyperlinks which allow the user to directly navigate to the report details.
  • Feature – Saving parameters: On selected reports the entered parameters can be saved. These parameters will be loaded when opening the report again. In case of object selections these parameters may be saved for different systems at once, see dialog File à Settings.
  • Bug fix – Reports: Some bugfixes inside the reports.
  • Bug fix – RAM: Memory leaks have been fixed.

BI Compendium®

We’d like to announce the following new features / bug-fixes in BI Compendium®:

  • Feature – BI Q Integration: The BIQ reports may now be started from within the BI Compendium. The objects in the documentation composer will be used as object preselection (if possible).
  • Feature – Table of contents in Excel: The table of contents of created Excel documents now links to the created subchapters.
  • Feature – Field Customizing: The deselection of a group header in the Field Customizing now deselects all subelements as well.
  • Feature – Pictures in Excel: The output of pictures in generated Excel documents is now possible.
  • Feature – Cache load window: The cache load window was recreated to focus on the relevant information. It shows details on demand (this also applies to BI Inspector and BI Q).
  • Feature – Add adjacent: Adding objects to the documentation by using the context menu and the „Add adjacent“ function now supports objects being catched by correctly defined layer objects. This function has to be activated in the programm settings.
  • Bug fix – Logging: The logging process was improved and corrected to allow for a more efficient logging (this also applies to BI Inspector and BI Q).
  • Bug fix – Field Customizing: Problems in selecting and maintaining Field Customizings when creating documents have been corrected.
  • Bug fix – Table of contents in HTML: The table of contents in generated HTML files now correctly links to the generated chapters.
  • Bug fix – Documentation of Layer-Nodes: Layer-Nodes may now be documented using the included Field Customizings.
  • Bug fix – Object Catalogues in Excel: Object Catalogue generation in Excel now minds the correct spacing in relation to the object logo.
  • Bug fix – Generating documents in HTML: The Windows file „thumbs.db“ will now explicitly excluded when generating documents in HTML. This solves file access problems in the generation process.
  • Bug fix – Problems when importing BI Inspector architectures: Smaller problems when importing objects from BI Inspector architectures have been fixed.

BI Inspector

We’d like to announce the following new features / bug-fixes in BI Inspector:

  • Feature – BI Q Integration: The BIQ reports may now be started from within the BI Inspector. The objects on the canvas will be used as object preselection (if possible). The result can be applied to the canvas objects.
  • Feature – Subtype determination: The identification of an object now determines the correct subtype as well (e.g. DSO à Write-Optimized DSO).
  • Feature – Query as an InfoProvider: Queries that are used as InfoProvider are now supported by the architecture import and the BI Directory (for the architecture import this also applies to the BI Compendium).
  • Feature – News: The first page of the BI Inspector now shows a dynamic website which will show news in the future.