BI Director v3.1 Release Note

With the new BI Director Release v3.1 the connection to Business Object has been completed. All important BO authentication methods are now supported.

The release contains numerous enhancements for the applications BI Compendium® and BI Inspector. The most important are listed below.

BI Compendium

  • The generation dialog allows the selection of alternative templates
  • Attachments can be positioned after the object header or at the end of a documented object
  • Translation problems (documentation in German) has been resolved for particular Office-Versions
  • The documentation of key figures in structures has been simplified

BI Inspector

  • Bug fix – Renaming of objects
  • Bug fix – Renaming of attachments

Furthermore, the built-in object collector has been enhanced by the following functionalities:

  • Bundling of SPOs based on collecting heuristics lead to a better collection result
  • BI Compendium always allows the preparation of collection result based on a template